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Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.

New since 6.3 Standalone version included: Use the plugin also without WordPress!

Please check the quickstart section before you buy! There you find out which features are available for you! E.g. to resize the content to the height or modify css of a remote iframe YOU NEED TO ADD ONE LINE OF JAVASCRIPT TO THE REMOTE PAGE !!!!!

Version 7.5

New: Added nice icons to the menu and the editor button
New: The editor button does now support ALL settings. By default this is now securitykey,src,width,height.
New: Show iframe in layer can now unload the iframe when closed. So does stop then. If not unloaded it is now not loaded again! Before it was nut unloaded but on reopen loaded again! See show_iframe_as_layer_keep_content. Default is true (Pro)
New: Show iframe as layer does now support the loading icon (Pro)
New: Show iframe as layer does now support "hide content until loaded" (Pro)
New: Show iframe as layer background has now a pointer to make clear that the layer closes if clicked.
New: parent_content_css was added for the pro version. This gives you additional options when you modify the parent and you don't want to create an external css file for this!
New: If element_to_measure cannot be found we show an error message in the console log.
New: If resize_on_element_resize cannot be found we show an error message in the console log.
New: Improved quickstart guide and improved documentation on the basic tab.
New: The shortcode generator is now available for the free version also. New: standalone version js was upgraded to 7.5 as well. (Pro)
New: Browscap version 6023 lite 04 May 2017 is now included. (Pro)
New: A modified version of php-browser-detection 3.2 is now used which does now also auto update browsecap.ini. Also os (operating system) can now be used. Like Linux, Android, Win7, Win8, WIN10 ....
New: "Show part of an iframe" also supports media queries for the basic setup. Demo 55 shows how this works.
New: Added an additional hint to use the external workaround if auto height with the same domain does not work.
New: Unique class for each viewport. This also enables to e.g. enable scrollbars, media queries... to other viewports. See example 3
New: Improved the add_iframe_url_as_param_prefix setting. Additional checks was added for https. So switching from http to https and using the old bookmarks without the s| still works.
New: Add to docu that inactive for the editor is o.k. and if is does not work create/edit the files manually
New: include_scripts_in_content=true. This is only needed in the special case if you use the page with content only (like using the plugin "Show Content Only" with "Content + Styles" mode). Then ai.js is directly rendered before the iframe. See demo wrapped auto height.
Fix: Chrome is now detected by the browser detection again.
Fix: Viewports in "Show only a part of the iframe" where not working because of a change in 7.4.1. Now it works fine again.
Fix: resize_on_ajax_jquery was set to false as default if disabled and not to true. This causes that in the shortcode generator was always showing resize_on_ajax_jquery="false"
Fix: The resize script was included in 7.4.2 to ai_external.js directly. The dead code that was adding the script dynamically to ai_external.js was removed.
Fix: In expert mode the src is now also hidden completely.
Fix: Invalid settings for dataPostMessage are now detected and printed to the log.
Fix: Documentation of debugPostMessage, usePostMessage, additional_css_file_iframe was added/fixed

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