Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes 1.2.8

Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes 1.2.8


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Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes 1.2.8

What does it do?

The Limit Checkboxes perk allows you to limit how many checkboxes of a checkbox field may be selected at any given time. This perk supports specifying a minimum and maximum limit per checkbox field and also allows you to span one field’s limits across multiple fields!
How does it work?

This perk loads a little Javascript which keeps track of how many checkboxes have been checked per field. Once the maximum limit has been reached for a specific field or a group of fields with a shared limit, the rest of the unchecked checkboxes are disabled and not check-able. Unchecking one of the currently checked checkboxes (thereby bringing the number of checked checkboxes under the limit) will make the previously disabled checkboxes check-able.

When a limit is spanned across multiple checkbox fields, all checked checkboxes in those fields will count towards the specified limit. For example, if you have two checkbox fields with a shared limit of two (2), you will be able to select two checkboxes from a single field or one checkbox in each field.

The minimum limit is validated when the form is submitted. If the user did not select enough checkboxes it will return a validation error with the minimum number of checkboxes that must be checked.


Removed unused method Array.prototype.gplcUnique.


Fixed conflict with Internet Explorer 11


Fixed conflict with Populate Anything where checkbox count was calculated incorrectly.


Fixed another potential performance issue.


Fixed a few performance issues when limiting a large number of checkbox fields.

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