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Official N-Word Pass

There are some information related to Official N-Word Pass that I’m going to share with you on this page. The informations were taken from various source that I believe can give you enough explanation related to this term.

The Definitions

This mystical and infinitely powerful artifact is a certificate or other formal document granting the holder the right to utter the N-Word without being from the hood. It is only granted to those of great renown, it is said that a Nobel Prize is a cheap trinket in comparison to an N-Word Pass. Here are another statement related to N-Word Pass:

  • Obama: I’d like to give you, the N-Word pass.
  • Haiti’s first president Jean-Jacques Dessalines called Polish people “the White Negroes of Europe”, which was then regarded a great honour, as it meant brotherhood between Poles and Haitians. Many years later, François Duvalier used the same concept when referring to Polish people.
  • Black person: Wait dafuck you say to me.
  • An uN-Written passthat allows you to say the n-Word ONCE! Does not expire. Can only administered by black people. Can be traded for sex and/or Pokemon cards .

So related to terms definition, the word can be mean:

“Some form of permission from someone of African descent given to someone of another race, usually white, giving them permission to say the N-Word without it being racist.”

I don’t understand the point of cancel culture? It’s really dumb honestly. Maybe it’s because I’m older? Idk. I’ve never liked it. We’re all human, humans make mistakes? Why “cancel” and torture someone, rather than letting them learn and grow? I don’t get it.

Here are another tweet That I believe related to conversation about the N-Word:

  • What’s worse: Being racist to black people, or just being racist to all? I’ll let that sit a while.
  • “Black people claimed the N-Word ” Okay. Then: – List the individuals who initiated the claiming/patenting process. – List the conditions required for a Word to be claimed/patented by the person(s) who didn’t even invent it.
  • When you gotta alter a joke because you’re a certain race.
  • jamescharles? The context isn’t really clear, but he threatened to laywer up before deleting said tweet, so… I don’t think you’re ready for the pass,sis. Gotta get rid of that malice first.
  • Remember those early years of school? And those kids who always changed the rules when losing a game? – That’s where western culture is headed. That’s what SJWs want. That’s what the N-Word has accomplished.
  • Someone: *is wrong* Twitter America: Hope this fool burns. —wait, where’s their workplace? Get em fired so they starve. Also Twitter America: Let’s help people who need it.
  • Sad to see companies cave into outrage culture. Sacrificing quality of service/product(s) to please everyone. Sometimes at the expense of angering core fans too. If everyone wakes up you’ll have no fans. Enjoy your greed.
  • This topic shouldn’t even be that deep. There’s absolutely zero excuse for excluding a whole race from something because of the actions of a few. Past, present, or future. Period.
  • Why not explain to those who misunderstand? Always gotta go for the food on their plates/their jobs when someone’s wrong because that fixes it, right? https://twitter.com/misbaehavin/status/1102633770576986115 ….
  • that professor need to be fired, she’s obviously not qualified to teach college students if she doesn’t understand a concept as obvious as why she isn’t allowed to EVER use the n-Word .
  • There’s this CRAZY trick that 100% works!!! Substitute “white” with other races and everyone’s smiles/laughter DISAPPEARS!!!
  • TheSNEAKO, YT:Would you say the N-Word for one dollar? Promoted exclusively between black ppl? When it’s BROADCASTED in music? And said to/around white ppl? Sexual content is heavily censored from kids, right? So….

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Official N-Word Pass

I found some people tell me that the own a N-Word Pass. They are telling me that I can get 2 N-Word Passes from the listing. I’m not yet take a look at their feedback but it seem to be interesting thing there.

The Conclussion

N-Word Pass refers to jokes about a satirical permit which grants the owner the ability to say the “n-Word .” The idea of the N-Word Pass is related to the “N-Word Privileges” trope, which has a long history in pop culture as cataloged on the TV Tropes[5] database. On June 13th, 2012, a listcle titled “Top 4 White People That Get The ‘N-Word ‘ Pass” was published on the hip-hop news site Hot97

The urban dictionary said that it defining it as “an uN-Written pass that allows you to say the n-Word ONCE!”. Please give your comment about this terms. Thank You.


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