Storage for Contact Form 7 2.0.2

Storage for Contact Form 7 2.0.2


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Storage for Contact Form 7 2.0.2

Contact Form 7 Storage stores all Contact Form 7 submissions (including attachments) in your WordPress database (DB). All contact form entries and business leads are stored safely even if the e-mail notifications go missing or get deleted.

Version 2.0.2: A security fix for the form mail output in the WordPress admin which was not properly escaped and sanitized, and would execute any Javascript code in the form field values that are included in the confirmation email body. Thanks to Patrick Samuel for reporting the issue.

2.0.2 (February 18, 2019)

Security fix: Escape all form field data in the admin output.
Tested with WordPress 5.1.

2.0.1 (November 15, 2018)

Replace upload file URLs in confirmation emails even when uploads are not attached to email.
Tested with WordPress 5.0.

2.0.0 (September 8, 2018)

Introduce plugin and form settings pages.
Mark as tested with WordPress 4.9.8.

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