WC Vendors Pro 1.6.0

WC Vendors Pro 1.6.0


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WC Vendors Pro 1.6.0

We’re pleased to present to you, WC Vendors Pro. Continually updated, more features being added all the time. For a true marketplace with the maximum flexibility, Pro is for you! WC Vendors Pro extends WC Vendors to provide your vendors and yourself the marketplace admin with tools to create a truly powerful marketplace platform.

The front end vendor dashboard provides all the required features for a vendor to completely manage their own products, orders, coupons and more. This leaves the marketplace admin to focus on marketing the marketplace and providing seller tools for your vendors.

hangelog for WC Vendors Pro

Version 1.6.0 - 20th February 2019

* Added: Commission tiers system
* Added: Product Category based commission #869
* Added: New modern store header design #930
* Added: New dashboard check method
* Added: New theme support system
* Added: Dashboard wrapper class filter
* Added: Ability to recalculate commissions on order screens #897
* Added: Option for vendors to be able to select their own shipping type #545
* Added: Actions to signup form
* Added: Sync ratings with WooCommerce feedback #902 - Thanks to Andrea Piccart
* Added: File and disk usage limits for vendors #899
* Added: Filter commission arguments #906
* Added: Add form option for store opening hours #884
* Added: "Leave Feedback" buttons on the my-account/downloads page #554
* Updated: Tested to WordPress 5.2.0-Alpha
* Fixed: Product SEO fields missing on new products
* Fixed: Search box styling
* Fixed: Variations not assigned to vendors using WooCommerce import tool
* Fixed: Show state name for shipping panels #924
* Fixed: Prevent blank page after save product.
* Fixed: Stock quantity is formatted as float #914
* Fixed: Variation fields alignment #909
* Fixed: Hide add product button only #912
* Fixed: recent products widget for vendor search
* Fixed: Non property on post object when vendor uses WooCommerce Search
* Fixed: undefined variable in template
* Fixed: Missed arguments #905
* Fixed: Undefined function ratings_link
* Fixed: Feedback Form If star rating is not selected, text is deleted after save #552
* Fixed: Form validation, wrong scroll position on error #893
* Fixed: Product SEO Tab not hiding correctly #896
* Fixed: Allow commas to be used in prices in the pro front-end forms #539

* Templates Updated:

* Templates Added:

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