WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration 1.5.8

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WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration 1.5.8

Connect WooCommerce to Lightspeed Retail and keep inventory in sync across both systems

The Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale integration for WooCommerce enables your WooCommerce store and Lightspeed Point of Sale account to communicate and keep inventory in sync.

When a new sale comes in via your Point of Sale system, stock quantities are updated within WooCommerce. When a new order arrives via WooCommerce, your Lightspeed Retail account reflects the same inventory numbers.
*** WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Changelog ***
2019-03-05 - version 1.5.8
* Adds a "Sync" checkbox on the import page to allow to also sync all items after they import
* Adds a "Ignore Archived Lightspeed Products" setting; if enabled, will ignore archived items in LS when items are loaded in WooCommerce
* Changes the polling interval from every 5 minutes to every 5 seconds to keep products more up to date
* Reduces "429 - Too many requests" error frequency
* More informative item counts - displays both simple and matrix item counts under the search box in the import page
* Stock status bugfix - sets or removes "outofstock" term under the "product_visibility" taxonomy
* Sync php warning bugfix - does not enable the item poller if connection to LS is not set

2018-11-13 - version 1.5.7
* New - Re-linking a product will now match on customSku as well as systemSku
* New - New Item Poller class should make polling for Lightspeed products more efficient
* New - Item Poller class will keep items in the import table up to date (even though they have not been imported yet)
* Fix - Attributes with values of '0' should now be imported correctly
* Fix - Fixes incorrect SQL syntax for auto-loading products
* Tweak - Better testing coverage, minor bug fixes, and DRYing up code

2018-10-25 - version 1.5.6
* Fix - fixes a bug that does not auto-load new matrix and/or variation products from Lightspeed
* Tweak - Better testing

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