WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway 2.10.0

WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway 2.10.0 Download


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WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway 2.10.0

Accept Online Payments Using Moneris

Why accept payments with just anyone when you can process them with one of North America’s leading payment processors? Moneris processes more than 3 billion credit and debit card transactions a year, for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America. This extension brings quality service and processing for the US and Canada to your WooCommerce store.

The Moneris extension allows you to keep the customer on your site for the checkout process, allowing you greater control over the checkout experience so that you can test and implement the most effective experience for your store. An SSL certificate is required for PCI compliance due to the direct checkout to ensure that your customers’ credit card information is secure.

2017.07.12 - version 2.8.0
* Feature - Customers can add new saved cards from the My Account area, without going through the checkout process
* Feature - Refund or Void transactions directly from the WooCommerce admin!
* Feature - Enhanced payment form for a better customer experience, uses new retina payment method icons and live inline validation
* Tweak - Limit the order customer note length to prevent API errors
* Fix - Prevent invalid credential and order ID errors in Sandbox mode
* Misc - Update the SkyVerge Payment Gateway Framework

2017.04.26 - version 2.7.2
* Fix - Prevent some deprecated notices when processing subscriptions in WooCommerce 3.0+

2017.04.18 - version 2.7.1
* Fix - Ensure tokenized transactions are accepted regardless of CSC validation settings
* Tweak - Use the billing address as shipping when shipping is not set in WooCommerce 3.0 and above
* Misc - Add the wc_moneris_api_new_request_args filter

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