WPMU DEV Pretty Plugins WordPress Plugin 1.5.4

WPMU DEV Pretty Plugins WordPress Plugin 1.5.4 Download


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WPMU DEV Pretty Plugins WordPress Plugin 1.5.4

The pretty way to list, sort, manage and even sell plugins on your multisite network.

Try Pretty Plugins today!

Give each plugin a custom name and description
Put plugins into categories for enhanced search
Whitelabel Plugins page – great with Pro Sites
Give the Plugins page a custom title
Create a custom Plugins page layout
Display custom plugin cover-images

Pretty Plugins lets you group plugins into categories, give them eye-catching feature images and display them in an easy-to-use grid.

Make finding and installing plugins a breeze.

Pretty Plugins is an essential tool for any network owner. It offers centralized control and configuration of every site’s Plugins page. Combine with Pro Sites to create an awesome paid plugin store.

Large icons and a familiar grid layout provide for a far more visually appealing layout compared to the out-of-the-box basic listing.

screengrab of the plugins page with the grid layout
Large icons and a grid layout makes plugin discovery a breeze

Plugins can be grouped into multiple categories, defined by the network admin, making it easier for site owners to discover and install new features.

Screengrab of plugin categories
Group plugins into categories for easier discovery

A comprehensive settings page allows a network owner to manage all aspects of the Plugins page including title, sub-title, images and the visibility of descriptions. The settings can even be exported and imported!

Screengrab of the settings page
Configure all aspects of the Plugins page behavior and look

Finer control is provided for each plugin. As a network admin, you can override the plugin name, link and description – you can assign the plugin to any number of existing categories or create new ones – and you can load a featured image.

Screengrab of the plugin edit details function
Override any plugin attribute

Pretty Plugins gives you unparalleled control over the look and behavior of the Plugins page, making it easier than ever for site owners to self-manage their plugins and find and add new features to their site.

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